Tips On How To Care For Your Hot Towel Cabinets

Many of you may not know what a towel cabinet is. Well, hot towel cabinet is a piece of equipment which has an appearance of a microwave. These are used to either heat up towels or keep the towels warm till use. They are usually seen in hair salons, barber shops, spas or massage clinics. Now as it is gaining popularity, there is a huge demand for towel warmer cabinet. There are even cheaper and better looking portable models available in the market. Sites like suggest people do a lot of research before buying a towel warmer cabinet. After buying the towel warmer cabinet, you need to clean and maintain it properly.

The following tips will help you to maintain your hot towel cabinets.

· Clean Your Towel Warmer Regularly: It is imperative to wipe the insides of the warmer. Especially if you have used it for heating products or used essential oils on your towels. If something has spilled inside the warmer, attend to it immediately as it may become a difficult task to get anything clean after it has been baked on.

· Properly Maintain The Warmer: After some time of using the warmer, the screws that hold the cabinet together may become loose. Opening and closing the door of the cabinet may loosen the screws. You need to check if the screws behind the rubber gaskets are tightened or not. If the screws are loose, you just need to tighten it with a small screwdriver which has a very short handle. If you have an old towel warmer, there is a possibility that the power switch may have become faulty. This can be repaired by calling your local repair shop.

Do Not Think The Warmer As A Sanitizer: It is not hygienic to keep towels inside the warmer overnight. The UV light inside the warmer should be just considered as a decorative item as it cannot kill bacteria which are present inside a rolled towel.

Remember to follow these tips which would help you to maintain your hot towel cabinet.